Wednesday 20 January 2021

Life in Another Light

 I have mentioned Kolari Vision before. I used their Chrome infrared colour filter during my test shoot of various ways of filtering a digital camera for infrared photography. Yesterday I saw a photo piece in the Guardian about Kolari's competition called Life in Another Light, which includes various infrared categories and has resulted in some really amazing images. The Guardian shows some of the best ones but the Kolari page (although it loads somewhat slowly for me) also gives information about how they were shot ... and has lots more photos.

You should note that not all the photographs use infrared techniques. That isn't really clear in the Guardian but it is clear in the Kolari page.

One thing I think is proved here is that an infrared image should also work artistically as a photograph as many of these would be great even without the otherworldliness of IR.


The Guardian

Kolari Vision