Saturday 23 January 2021

Elliott Landy colour infrareds on sale

Elliott Landy, the American photographer, is famous for his images shot at the Woodstock festival and of Bob Dylan and of the Band. He includes infrared photography in his work, and his photo of Dylan was the highlight of my Infrared 100 exhibition in Bath in 2010.

Elliott is holding a sale of some of his colour infrared photographs, running until February 15th. He says:

I consider this body of Infrared Photos to be among my best work from the Sixties. Except for the one of Bob Dylan, people have overlooked these when collecting my work. The prints on sale were shot on Infrared Color Film in the late Sixties except for the ones of Janis Joplin and Richard Manuel in performance which I am including in this group because they share the same visual vibration, or feeling, of the infrareds.

You can find out more on his web site here:

You'll see that two of the shots, of Janis Joplin and Richard Manuel in performance, are not infrared but have the same vibe. He refers to the film he used as Aero slide film, which is basically the same as the Ektachrome. At the time of these shots I think it was an older formulation which needed a very obscure development process known as E4. I used this version on occasion and had to mail it off to a medical photographers in Harley Street, London, for development. The later E6 version was a lot easier to use and develop.

The photographs on this page are of jazz musician Ornette Coleman and his son, shot in New York in 1969. Though they use the same film, the filter used is different, producing the varied colour effects. To some extent these are unpredictable when you shoot, part of the 'fun' of using that kind of film stock. They are included in the sale. [Photographs are copyright © Elliott Landy used with permission]