Friday 22 July 2022

Infrared Artistry: Re-visualizing Your World with Tony Sweet

On July 30th 2022, at 4 pm UK time, Photographer Tony Sweet will be giving a Zoom presentation on our favourite subject, infrared photography. To quote the blurb ...
Infrared photography is becoming ever more popular. The inherent surreal properties of black-and-white infrared are always surprising and redefine the visual world. This talk will also touch on the world of faux colour infrared. Through ample illustrations, Tony Sweet will breach the curtain between the world we see and the one we imagine in black-and-white infrared and in colour infrared photography. Example images will illustrate the effects of angle and quality of light, times of day, and weather conditions. Questions are encouraged throughout the presentation.
This event is organised by the Digital Imaging Group of the Royal Photographic Society and is free to group members. Other RPS members, and anyone else, pays £3 to access the talk. It takes place using Zoom and everyone is welcome. Here's a link for booking: See you there!