Wednesday 27 March 2024

Simon Marsden: Online exhibition and print sale

I'm delighted to have been pointed to a new online exhibition from the Centre for British Photography of infrared photographs by the legendary Simon Marsden ... subtitled Visions of a Ghost Hunter.

Here it is:

The exhibition is online starting yesterday (March 26th) and running until April 26th 2024. There are 23 photographs of his characteristic ruins and landscapes, all exploiting the idiosyncratic style of Kodak's much-missed 35mm High Speed Infrared film.

Sadly, the £1500 price tag is too much for me but these are wonderful images and well worth a view.

The show is online because the Centre for British Photography have now closed their gallery in central London as the lease ended early; but this was apparently only ever intended to be a temporary space. Follow their web site for updates.