Friday 31 December 2021

Simon Marsden film now on DVD

Carved stone grotesque on DVD cover

Jason Figgis's 70-minute film, Simon Marsden's Haunted Life in Pictures, is now available to buy on DVD as well as through digital outlets. Jason first told me about his project in June 2016 and the film was premiered at the BFI in London in August 2018.

The movie explores Simon's life and his interest in the paranormal ... especially as expressed through his infrared photography. There are contributions from Simon himself, friends and fellow photographers (including myself). The film is full of examples of his work, and ends with a moving poem, read by John Hurt.

Simon Marsden

Simon was an great exponent of the classic Kodak High Speed Infrared black and white film (HIE). Its construction, while designed to give an increased speed, coincidentally provided a unique look combining grain and halation. This was his starting point, but Simon was also a skilled printer, since the HIE was notoriously difficult to expose even nearly 'correctly'. His many books are full of infrared images where bright foliage offsets the stone of ruins and statuary.

Simon Marsden died in January 2012. Sad to say that although we corresponded, especially during the centenary celebrations in 2010, Simon and I never met. This film goes some way to rectifying that omission for me.

The DVD is distributed by MVD Entertainment Group/Pop Twist Studios (released December 14th 2021) in the USA and through Wienerworld in Britain from January 10th 2022. Amazon are already selling it and streaming it through Amazon Prime.