Thursday 9 May 2013

James Jarché

The ITV channel in the UK are repeating the Perspectives documentary where David Suchet "follows in the footsteps of" his grandfather, photographer James Jarché, known as Jimmy. It's on Sunday May 12th at 2215.

Although this documentary doesn't touch on it (but don't let that stop you watching), Jarché was one of the pioneering photographers who, in the 1930s, experimented with the new infrared film and had several of these photos published in the Daily Herald. One of them, showing children watching a cartoon in the cinema in 1934, was included in the Infrared 100 exhibition. He was originally asked by Ilford to document the process of making film, which happens in the dark, and he used Ilford's infrared film for that.

You can see the cinema photo in the National Media Museum/Science and Society collection and Wikipedia have an article about him.