Wednesday 3 April 2013

BBC Natural History infrared shooting tips

I've known Colin Jackson from the BBC Natural History Unit in Bristol for a few years. He has presented his work, filming wildlife at night using near-infrared and thermal cameras, at both the Infrared 100 symposium and at IBC.

I just came across a video from June 2012, tips on infrared filming, on the BBC Academy of Production web site. In it, Colin is shown using what he calls the 'kebab shop camera', a standard definition surveillance camera made by Ikegami. These days he is using a Canon DSLR with its infrared-blocking filter removed which will produce HD resolution images. You should also know that, if memory serves, his infrared lighting is at 920 mn.

What he doesn't talk about in this video is using thermal imaging. There, as you probably know, you don't need lighting as a thermal imager shows the photons generated by the objects themselves.