Tuesday 16 August 2011

Simon Marsen's Vampires

You are probably aware of Simon Marsden's atmospheric infrared photographs of ruins and other settings with a supernatural ambience. He uses Kodak HIE infrared film, with its characteristic grain and halation, and usually photographs with strong back-light to increase the day-for-night effect.

Simon has just circulated an email about his next book, due to be published in the UK and USA in October, entitled Vampires: The Twilight World and published by Palazzo Editions. I have to say the cover is stunning, and Whitby Abbey is one of those places of which I've always wanted to take an infrared photograph.

Signed copies will be available (signed by Simon I should add ... in case you've been watching too much Twilight) from Simon Marsden’s website from 1st October 2011: www.simonmarsden.co.uk.