Sunday, 3 October 2010

Cover of the RPS Journal

Fishing on the River Avon at Christchurch by Andy Finney
I remember it was Dr Hook who sang about being on the cover of Rolling Stone: they even got there. Well, I'm delighted to say that I finally made the cover of the RPS Journal Infrared Centenary Edition. It's a faux-colour image taken in Christchurch in Hampshire last year. The colours have a little to do with real life but also to do with infrared leaking through the Beyer filtering on the sensor of my Sony DSC-F828 camera. The edition also includes Clive Haynes discussing infrared digital photography and a piece on the background to Professor Wood's 1910 and 1911 infrared photographs, by me.


  1. Great. Is a copy of your article on Prof Woods available anywhere on-line?

  2. Sorry, all the results of my research are not available online as yet. Some of it has appeared in this blog.

  3. Congrats Andy..... A well-deserved honor! All the best, Stephen Paternite