Thursday, 28 January 2010

A Brace of Exhibitions

I've been sent info on two exhibitions featuring infrared photography, one on either side of the Atlantic.

To New York first ...
In a Different Light, with work by Theresa Airey, Susan Ruddick Bloom, Jill Enfield and Elizabeth Opalenik runs from today (Jan 28th) to Feb 27th at Umbrella Arts, 317 East 9th Street between 1st and 2nd Avenues. (I make that the East Village.) After today's launch the show is open Thursday to Saturday 1 to 6. Details on the Umbrella Arts web site. I am trying to persuade the ladies to make this exhibition an Infrared 100 event. How about it? [Later: see the first comment]

And thence to the UK ...
Simon Marsden will be showing some of his infrared photos of English gardens at Blenheim Palace from Feb 15th to March 28th. This is part of a group show with 10 photographers and only Simon uses infrared film. (Simon's web site.)


  1. I'm one of the Four Visions at Umbrella Arts and think I can speak for the other three that we would love to be part of Infrared 100. I have been using the film for 30 years and have always loved it. So , anyone feel free to contact me at or visit my website to see more infrared images. Shortly, the Four Visions website will be active.

    Elizabeth Opalenik

  2. Hello Andy,
    I shot my first roll of Kodak black and white
    infrared in 1987 and have recently scanned my
    negatives from over the years since.
    I have been meaning to get them out on a web
    site for some time but have been galvanized into action by the discovery of this centenary.
    I have launched the site "" and
    included your logo/link,(is this an event?)
    The site is a work in progress, I will be uploading more photos over the coming weeks, but there are quite a few to look at now in the first gallery.

    Andrew Casey